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The possum is Eleventy’s mascot

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An Homage to the James Williamson Possum Balloon #

2019 December 19

As many of you may know, James Williamson first came up with animal suspended from the floating red balloon logo for the Eleventy project in May of 2018.

It was originally a cat!

James’ quickly iterated to the now-iconic Eleventy possum.

James Williamson’s classic Eleventy possum

Why a possum? Why is the possum floating? Why a balloon? Exactly. 42.

To honor James, I thought it might be nice to commission a professional interpretation of his original vision. After Ethan Marcotte shared some possum content from Phineas X. Jones, I knew we had the artist to make this a reality.

Literally three days later, I am proud to show you all something that I hope James would have really enjoyed.

James Williamson’s vision reimagined by Phineas X. Jones.

You can see more of Phineas’ work on, Instagram, or Twitter.

We also maintain a Twitter Moment of community contributed logos.

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