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This is an older version of Eleventy. Go to the newest Eleventy docs (current path: /docs/services/screenshots/) or the full release history.


Feed this runtime service a URL and it returns a fully rendered screenshot image from that page (using Puppeteer)

Open Source #

Deploy to Netlify

Usage #

Image URLs have the format:

Sample #

Try it out on the Eleventy API Explorer.

Screenshot of
<img src="" class="screenshot screenshot-first-example" width="375" height="667" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="Screenshot of">

Advanced Options #

Manual Cache Busting #

If the screenshots aren’t updating at a high enough frequency you can pass in your own cache busting key using an underscore prefix _ after your URL.

This can be any arbitrary string tied to your unique build, here’s some examples that use today’s date:


Custom Wait Conditions #

You can customize the conditions with which the headless browser will wait to take the screenshot. At a low level, this controls the waitUntil property in Puppeteer’s goto call. The options are:


Custom Timeout #

Number of seconds to wait before the request times out. We will attempt to simulate the stop button and return the screenshot that exists up to that point. Worst case, a default Eleventy logo is returned.


Combine these options #

You can use any of these advanced options together, like /:url/_20210802_wait:0_timeout:2/. Order only matters to the uniqueness of the URL caching on the CDN: /:url/_20210802_wait:0/ and /:url/_wait:0_20210802/ will be functionally equivalent but make two different screenshot requests.

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